Friday 23 May 2014

End of Fake Travel Expense Claims - Solution

Many organizations today face a challenging situation where the employee claims to have traveled more distance at more locations with a fat travel expense reimbursement claim. At times owing to lack of fool proof mechanism to check the claim, the reimbursements are cleared. The employees adapting these un-ethical practice make it a tool to earn some extra money every time. These people get more brazen in their claims with no checks in place.

Even our MLA's travel 1200KM on average every day on Roads, if one has to believe that.

Yes, everyone know its a problem, and everyone else also knows putting elaborate TA claim forms and random checks helps little. Its like Traffic Police announcing a drive, and we assume its for increasing collection and then back to same situation.

In today's business world, there are only few opportunities to genuinely reduce everyday operations cost without causing any major disruptions. This is one of those genuine opportunity.

Solution, one that works, is as follows -

1. Get the vehicle of your employees fitted with GPS. Make sure you install a good quality GPS unit (Read:) , to prevent any tampering, mishandling, or manipulations.
- You get exact location reports being covered by your employee
- You get distance traveled for which the claim is submitted
- You get the information on exact times of arrival and departure from a location
- You get to know where your employee spends their time and how much

The best part is that you create a positive perception from day one, that all the activity are being recorded digitally and authorities in the company now has a way to verify and validate the claims.

051440x40.png Our Achievement:
Using Dynakode GPS tracking system, our clients have been able to reduce the fake travel expense claims to almost nill. Also, the system has been able to enforce the punctuality and discipline among the employees.